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Line Health Services

Connecting the dots one by one, like drawing a line towards the bigger picture

Welcome to LiNE Health!

Our flexible, accessible, open and personalized approach foster the relationship with our clients.

We are a passional interdisciplinary group of professionals committed to providing high-quality and efficient services to support clinical research and dedicated to ensuring the success of your clinical trial.

We offer a streamlined pathway to conduct different aspects of clinical trials/studies adhering to rigorous international standards and local regulations, with focus on Latin America.

Our Services

Identification and Selection of Research Sites and Investigators, with focus on Latin America’s countries
We use our extensive network and database to identify potential research sites that meet your trial’s specific needs. We conduct a thorough evaluation of potential research sites to assess their capabilities and suitability for your trial. We help you to identify the most appropriate investigators for your trial. We use a rigorous selection process to ensure that investigators have the necessary qualifications, experience, and expertise to effectively conduct your trial.

Clinical Trial Management
We support the planning, execution, and completion of clinical trial. Our experience team of professionals has the knowledge and expertise to support the success of your clinical trial.

Regulatory support
We provide support for regulatory submissions in Latin America’s countries.

Monitoring oversight
We provide oversight of CRA monitoring activities to ensure that they are conducted in accordance with ICH-GCP, regulatory requirements and the protocol.

Patient clinical trial recruitment
Our team of experts is dedicated to using the latest digital strategies and technologies to help your reach your target audience and recruit study participants quickly and efficiently.

Supporting different players in clinical trials execution

About Us

years of clinical trial experience

of digital solutions experience focus on health sciences

Phase II-IV

clinical trials

Countries: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain.

37+ indications in 7+ therapeutic areas

Including oncology (NSCLC, CRC, RCC, mesothelioma bladder, Head and Neck, gastric, pancreatic, biliary track, ovarian and breast cancer), Onco-hematology (PTCL, AML, NHL), infectious diseases (COVID-19, HIV, Adenovirus, FLU), immunology (MS, Psoriasis, Lupus nephritis, Ulcerative colitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, ITP), Psychiatry (borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia), respiratory (IPF, IDL, COPD), cardiology and cardiometabolic (diabetes mellitus, atrial fibrillation, peripheral arterial occlusion, chronic hyponatremia in heart failures, acute coronary syndrome and CHF), neurology (MCI, ESUS)

Our target clients

Patient Advocacy groups, Medical Scientific societies, Pharmaceutical companies, Biotech companies, medical devices companies, Investigational sites and Investigators, Site Management Organizations (SMO), Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

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